I have accounts on sites all over the web. Here are a few of the sites I frequent.
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Google Plus

    I use Google Plus to communicate about different topics related to education, as well as to promote information I've found useful. I use both my personal account and my work account (although I'm more active on my personal account).


    I am very active on Twitter, reading, tweeting or retweeting education related material.


    I save useful articles to my Diigo public bookmarks.


    I have two YouTube channels - one linked to my Google Plus profile (which is not very active), and one where I've published several videos related to education.


    I often work on side-projects related to electronics, and post instructions on the instructables site. I also browse the projects there for inspiration.

Stack Overflow

    This is a great web forum for help with all things related to computer programming. I go here when I have questions about Google Apps Script, my Raspberry Pi computer, or whatever flavour of Linux I'm currently playing with.

If This Then That

    I use If This Then That to automate a lot of tasks that I find repetitive. For example, I use it to automatically cross-post from my blog to my website, to automatically populate my Diigo public bookmarks, and to automatically tweet events on my Google Calendar.