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Shared Resources

        I recently had the opportunity to work on building a shared resources database for a large group. Previously, the shared folder was disorganized, with no consistent rule for the location or classification of items. There was a lot of great stuff in there, but it was difficult to find.

        I combined the Awesome Tables gadget (you absolutely need to learn about Awesome Tables!) and a little bit of Apps Script to handle adding things to the shared folder. The shared folder itself is shared with viewing rights to all members of a Google group. To add something, users fill in a form, instead of moving the file manually. This means that everything is easy to keep track of, since all the information is stored in a spreadsheet.

        Items are added to the folder of the relevant product. If there is more than one relevant product, it will appear in both locations. If the folder doesn't exist, the script will create it as necessary. It's designed to be flexible, with the option to create a static copy at the time of submission, or (as it is currently configured) to simply add the existing item to multiple locations. The original author retains edit rights on anything they submit (in either configuration), and an email is generated to indicate success or failure.

Source Code

Spreadsheet of Responses