Page mover is a happy little helper for your multiple-page Google forms. When you need to move a page within a form, it can be a hassle, since there's no way to select a whole page of content and move it all at once. That's where page mover comes in. This kindly little character will happily pick up each part and move it to its new location for you. It will even make sure that your page navigation is set to follow the order of your pages as you've organized them (unless, of course, you have a question set to direct the flow, which will be left alone). Page mover makes managing large, complicated (and sometimes messy) forms a lot less painful.

        This project has been a collaboration between myself and Bjorn Behrendt (the amazing author of Choice Eliminator and EZ Query, to name but a few). Originally his idea, it lives here (and on his site) as a testament to my relatively lighter load creating and supporting add-ons, but make no mistake: this would have been a much less elegant solution without the immeasurable help from Bjorn. You can see the source code on github.