I enjoy writing code in the Google Apps Script environment. Occasionally I publish my code so others can use it as well. In fact, I've put together a course on Udemy designed to teach educators how to code in Apps Script - you can find it at http://www.udemy.com/apps-script-for-educators.  
Perhaps more importantly, I learn from many sources of great information and great people. Here's a short list (in no particular order):

Apps Script for Education - Builders and Users

        This is a Google+ Community of educators who are involved in Apps Script in any way. From the complete novice to the developers themselves, the people there are wonderfully positive, supportive, and helpful. I highly recommend joining the community and reading, asking questions, or even answering questions from others.

Google Apps Script

        There is a Google+ community in addition to the online help documentation published by Google themselves. It's more of a technical-focused community with fewer educators in the mix.

Stack Overflow

        This is a web forum where developers ask and answer questions. I generally lurk here, and it's one of the first places I turn when I have a highly technical question. Use the "Google Apps Script" post tag to find good results quickly.


        GitHub is a repository of code stored on the web. I often forget to look here for libraries that others have written to take care of some of the more complex tasks involved in writing code. Check out the Google Samples section for some interesting pieces of code you're allowed to use.